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I just saw BREAKING news all over the net, everybody is saying that my favorite reality star Shain Gandee is found dead. Please read all updates.

gandee candy decal sticker car

Posted by Shae Bradley on her Instagram Profile











Update No.17- NEW SEASON OF BUCKWILD- Click Image to read more


UPDATE NO.16 (Looks like the last Update wasn’t the last one)

Buckwild’ Producer to MTV: ‘This Will Get Ugly’ as reported by The Hollywood Reporter (THR)


The sudden cancellation of MTV’s hit reality series Buckwildfollowing star Shain Gandee’s death has producer J.P. Williams livid


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter late Tuesday, Williams, who manages most of the cast members and produces the show, took particular aim at MTV for pulling the plug midway through filming on the second season.


shain gandee candy buckwild

“This is the network that has shows about teen pregnancy. They’ll stick by a show that allows you to abandon a child, but a kid dies by accident doing what he does for a living [mudding], and they cancel the show?” he fumes. “There’s something that smells of s— here on every level.”


Williams, who manages eight of the show’s cast members, including Gandee, does not intend to move on to other projects. In fact, he suggests that he will continue shooting the series and will look to produce a Buckwild film, which he would self-finance if need be. “My job is to protect these kids,” he tells THR, adding: “This will get ugly.”




UPDATE No. 15 The last Update in this article

We just learned that MTV decided to cancel Buckwild. So, it is not the production company behind the Buckwild, it is MTV. We picked this up from TMZ and this is what they say:


A rep for MTV tells TMZ … “Given Shain’s tragic passing and essential presence on the show, we felt it was not appropriate to continue without him.”

The rep adds, “Instead, we are working on a meaningful way to pay tribute to his memory on our air and privately.”

MTV says … this weekend, it will have a “day of programming dedicated to Shain in which we will air the entire first season of ‘Buckwild’.”


buckwild cancelled shain gandee death season 2




UPDATE No. 14  I just received an exclusive photo of Shain Gandee Bronco at the scene, where it all happened.


image of shain gandee bronco from the scene of accident


UPDATE No. 13  We decided to post an image from Shain’s funeral, you can see most of people wearing camo and/or Gandee Candy shirts


The body of David Dwight Gandee is carried from the Charleston Municipal Auditorium after funeral services




UPDATE No. 12(4/7/13) The producers behind Buckwild have said that they won’t film the funeral of Shain Gandee, as reported by TMZ, early this morning. They will respect the family and they said they wouldn’t do it in a Million years.

shain gandee funeral

Shain Gandee poses for a portrait, on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Invision/AP Images)

If you decide to go to the funeral do not forget to wear camo in Shain’s honor.


UPDATE NO. 11 I just received info regarding Shain’s funeral. Never thought I would write about this kind of stuff on my blog, but here it is.

where is shain gandee funeral taking place

UPDATE No. 10 This is the trascript of Shain 911 call (Audio is in UPDATE No.8)


Metro Communications

Caller: I have an emergency. I have three dead people up on top of what called’s Henry Flat up Wolf Pen. My name is *******

Metro: Calm down. Where at up there?

Caller: Up Wolf Pen.

Metro: OK

Caller: *Inaudible

Metro: Do you know an address?

Caller: Gandee. I don’t know an address.

Metro: Do you see a house number or anything?

Caller: It’s Thaxton Hollar, Sol Lane:

Metro: Sol Lane?

Caller: Sol, S.O.L.

Metro: How far up on Sol Lane?

Caller: It’s Sol Lane. The paramedics that live out here in Sissonville, they’ll know. Thaxton Hollar.

Metro: OK honey. There’s no guarantee those medics are on duty. How far up Sol Lane?

Caller: Ma’am I don’t know. We’re up on top of a hill.

Metro: You’re on a hill. Is it at a house they’re at?

Caller: No, they’re up on a hill in a mudhole in a Bronco (inaudible) we’ve been looking for them for two days. Oh my God!

Metro: Is there anyway somebody can meet them off the hill?

Caller: I can meet them down there and bring them up here. That’s the only thing I know to do.

Metro: Where do you want to meet them at?

Caller: (Inaudible) I’ll come out Wolf Pen and Thaxton Hollar. I’m coming out there on a four-wheeler.

Metro: You’ll meet there at Wolf Pen and Thaxton Hollow.

Caller: Oh my God!

Metro: Are they inside the vehicle?

Caller: Yeah, all three of them. (To someone else: How many are in there? Two? Is it just David and Shain? Alright.)

Metro: What’s their names?

Caller: It’s David Gandee, (crying) and Shain Gandee.

Metro: David and Shain Gandee?

Caller: Yeah.

Metro: Does it look like… What happened? Can you tell?

Caller: No. (Inaudible)

Metro: Huh? Does it look like any gun or anything has been used?

Caller: No. Inaudible. Crying. They’re stuck in a mud hole.

Metro: Ok, just (inaudible). I’ve got them on the way, OK. And they’re in a Bronco correct?

Caller: Yeah.

Metro: And does it look like somebody has done anything to them?

Caller: No. I … no.

Metro: But they’re definitely not breathing, correct?

Caller: No ma’am. (In audible).

Metro: Are they cold to touch? Have you touched them?

Caller: Yeah. Yes they are.

Metro: Don’t see any drugs or anything do ya?

Caller: No.

Metro: What is your name?

Caller: (Beep)

Metro: And is your phone number (beep)

Caller: Yeah, it’s my son’s. I’ll give you mine. (Beep)

Metro: And how long have they been missing?

Caller: They’ve been missing since Saturday.

Metro: So, Saturday?

Caller: Yeah. (Inaudible)

Metro: Do you know about how old they are? What …

Caller: Shain’s 21.

Metro: OK

Caller: I don’t know, what, David’s what? 40. (Starts crying)

Metro: And you’re going to meet there at Wolf Pen and Thaxton Hollar, correct?

Caller: Yeah. Yeah. 

Metro: Alright honey, I’ve got ‘em on the way. 


UPDATE No.9 Mud Run for Shain


Just two days after the ‘Buckwild’ star was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning, the first annual Shain Gandee Memorial Mud Run was held, with over 100 people showing up to pay tribute to him.


gandee candy mudding memorial





shain gandee memorial mud run

Shain Gandee memorial mud run


UPDATE No.8 (4/3/13)


Chilling Shain Gandee 911 call. This is very very sad, please do not listen if you don’t want your hearth broken.




We’ve all seen some fake FB groups collecting money for Shain Gandee’s funeral (most of these FB pages are called R.I.P Shain Gandee) and we also witnessed Shain’s cousin Ashley collecting money for the funeral (check UPDATE No.5 for the link to this page) on her page which is the only page connected with the family.

It looks like producers behind the show have decided to pay for the funeral, more in this report from TMZ


The two production companies behind the MTV reality show “Buckwild” have offered to pay for all of Shain Gandee’s funeral expenses, TMZ has learned.

Parallel Entertainment CEO J.P. Williams — who produces the show with Zoo Productions — tells us, “Shain was a great kid with a big heart who had endless love for his mom and dad.” He adds, “I am from West Virginia and this show reminded me of how I grew up.”

A public service for Shain will be held this Sunday.

As for the donation websites that have been raising money to help pay for the funeral — we’re told that money will now go toward expenses incurred by Shain’s family during the recovery effort.

We’re told any remaining money will go towards the funeral of the other two men that were killed, including Shain’s uncle.




Looks like it’s official. Carbon Monoxide is the cause of the death of Shain Gandee, his uncle and his friend. The death was ruled an accident. The truck’s exhaust pipe had been submerged in some heavy mud, causing the poisonous gas to leak back into the Shain’s Ford Bronco.


Partial findings from the autopsies on 21-year-old Shain, his uncle David Gandee, 48, and friend Robert Myers, 27, were released Tuesday. 

The manner of death was accidental. Carbon monoxide poisoning was listed as the cause, said Cpl. Brian Humphreys, a spokesman for the Kanawha Sheriff’s Department.



how did shain gandee died

UPDATE No.5 (4/2/13)

According to the one of the Buckwild cast members they all got around $8,000/each for the first season of Buckwild. Now, even though they gained a huge popularity (especially Shain Gandee) they continued to live their lives as if they are not TV stars.

That’s why it is understandable to see Shain’s cousin, Ashley Gandee, organizing a memorial “mud run” (an off-road trucking event) to ease the financial strain on Shain’s family. You can get more info on her FB page .

Ashley Gandee Lewis, says the event is set for Wednesday afternoon in Proctorville, Ohio. She says participants will meet at 4:30 p.m. at the Proctorville Kroger. The cost is $10 for riders and $5 for spectators.



Proceeds will go to pay for funeral costs. Lewis says the fundraisers were arranged because no parent should have to pay for the costs to bury their own child.


Ashley and Shain Gandee- Pic taken 2 days ago


Shain with his fans at Gaandee’s General Store promotion





ford bronco shain gandee

This Ford Bronco is the vehicle where the bodies of “Buckwild” cast member Shain Gandee, his uncle and family friend were found



Photo-Craig Cunningham
A bulldozer and an ATV head up the hollow to assist in the recovery effort of the 1984 Ford Bronco which BUCKWILD star Shain Gandee, 21, his uncle David Gandee, 48 , and Robert Myers were found dead.

More info just in from Charleston Daily Mail:

Deputies were using all-terrain vehicles to access the area, which is about a mile and a half up a dirt road, said Cpl. Brian Humphreys, a spokesman for the Kanawha Sheriff’s Department. 

Humphreys said one of Shain’s friends had been searching the trails and ridges for his friend when he found the truck. It was found in a mud pit next to a ridge-top trail, which was passable for four-wheel drive vehicles.

It was about a mile from Shain’s home near Thaxton Hollow. Shain was in the driver’s seat.

“The vehicle sat unevenly, but upright, and was partially submerged in deep mud,” Humphreys said. “Mud was covering the lower part of the passenger side door of the vehicle, but the driver’s side of the vehicle was above the mud.

“The muffler of the vehicle was completely below the surface of the mud.”

Authorities used a bulldozer to pull the Bronco from the mud pit, he said.




Some of the Tweets from the Buckwild cast members



This is just in from WOWKTV

Police have told us that family members have been told.

Police were going to use a helicopter to locate Shain and David Gandee, but instead acted on a tip that lead them to Shain’s Ford Branco.  They found the truck stuck in the mud.  Police have not released the cause of death or the name of the third person found.

shain gandee found dead images



This is what I saw at Charleston Daily News:

Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper confirmed that one of the three bodies found in a vehicle off Wolf Pen Drive in Sissonville was Shain Gandee, 21.

Carper said he was told that Shain’s uncle, David Gandee, 48, was also dead in the vehicle.

Neighbors and friends identified the third person as Robert Myers, also of Sissonville. According to Myers’ Facebook page he was recently divorced and just started working at Subway restaurant.

Causes of death have not been released.

The vehicle was reported to 911 dispatchers about 11:30 a.m., about one hour after deputies released a statement that Shain and David had been missing since early Sunday morning. 

Deputies were using all-terrain vehicles to access the area, which is about a mile up a dirt road, Kanawha Cpl. Brian Humphreys said. 


He and his uncle were last seen at Larry’s Bar in Sissonville about 3 a.m. Sunday, according to a press release from the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department.

The pair said they were going off-roading in Gandee’s 1984 Ford Bronco with oversized tires.

Family members spent most of Sunday looking for the pair before reporting them missing, according to the press release.

Shain reportedly spent the day before his death at the grand opening of his cousin’s general store in Crown City, Ohio.


Still can’t believe you’re gone….please share your comments and prayers.

shain gandee and cara

Shain and Cara




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  1. Unfortunately I don’t think this is a joke & I’m seriously going to miss him on the show. “Gandee Candy”

    • Crystal Miles

      this can go to show you just how short life is, live your live to the fullest and don’t hold back. may god be all those families who have lost loved ones.

  2. Mary Connolly

    If he’s dead, I can probably never watch Buckwild again. :( i loved Shain, he was the show.

    • Karine

      I 2nd that

      • Tasha

        I 3rd that

      • Katelyn

        They said they may cancel Buckwild because of his death <|3

        • Brii

          They gave the show the green light to go on with it, but I won’t be watching!!

        • They have said , Via MTV that the show has been suspended for the second season , as of now .

          • Dallas

            If and or when buck wild comes back on I’m goin to watch it cuz shain would want us to still watch it and support his friends so if u really liked shain u would watch buck wild still I know I will my thoughts and prayiers go out to shains and his uncle and his friends family and friends

    • taylor


    • Kristi

      I agree. Buck wild will never be as entertaining or funny without “Gandee Candy”

  3. Nicole

    I think it’s a joke and if it is that’s messed up

    • Casey

      It is not a joke they confirmed his death along with two others. one being his uncle but they were uncertain about the third body. They were found after being missing for 31 hours. MTV and CNN both confirmed his death. It is sad to think that his life was ended at such a young age. They believe that foul play was the cause of death.

      • kelly

        It is true, I live about 10 minutes from Wolfpen and my BF lives in Sissonsville. It was not foul play. I have heard the vehicle was stuck up and CO posioning. Prayers for the family and friends of Shain and David Gandee and Robert Meyers, 27.

      • Niketti

        Update: Cause of death was being ignorant and drunk.

    • Chris-Aplus

      To all the ppl who just ate fans of the show! Just to be known I’m about an hour from charleston and all day on every local channel here this is all that’s on the news! Look up that’s local there’s no possible way the media would run a prank btw criminal charges would follow to him if that was the case and look at the missing persons docket from kanahwa county ! It was filed yesterday!

    • Ashley Dawn Vick

      It isnt a joke, or anything. It made it to national news. Check the news. Its everywhere. We loved shain gandee so much and everyone knew how he was kind and a real country boy, he always said they call me gandee candy cause its trick or treat alllll year round. Now, its trick or treat allllll day in heaven. <3 RIP SHAIN GANDEE aka Gandee Candy.

  4. Sierra Eastin

    All I know is that we will miss you!!

  5. Lacie Stumbo

    Loved watching shain! My prayers are with the rest of the cast and his family! Rip!

    • wanda

      I so loved this show,but I will not watch it if there’s another season… offence to the other cast members but SHAIN ” GRANDEE CANDY ” DID MAKE THE SHOW GREAT!!!!!! my prayers are with the family’s of all 3

  6. this is on Fox news and CBS, it’s not a joke.

    • Ashlee

      Just because its posted on their websites doesn’t mean anything TMZ posted first..for everyones sake tho I hope this is a joke

      • Trina

        It’s not a docking joke it’s all over the news u no by saying that it can really hurt the family

  7. deanna

    i want to cry now he was my favorite

  8. Shain made this show hilarious. :( it’s never going to be the same<\3 R.I.P Shain.

    • Summer Simmermon

      I agree. He will be missed alot. Im sitting here crying but i gues we will all see you another day Shain. You will be missed!!

  9. shelby

    Very very sad..i loved him on buckwild!!

    • Bob

      FUCK YOU STEVE !!!!! You arrogant CANADIAN piece of SHIT !!!! go suck the pope’s DICK !!! They like for little BOY’S to do that !!! Stupid FUCK…..

      • morgan

        Lol bob, wendy, shelley, pat, and chelsea. Your all stupid. One for idolising somebody just for being a tv star. And 2 for being dumb enough to argue with somebody because of an opinion they have. I’m 17 and more mature than you. Take that into consideration. Now I don’t watch this show, but while you idiots are argueing with some guy supposedly “defending” shain there are other people out there who actuallly knew him aside from the show who are truely mourning his death. Your all selfish egotistical retards.

        • Choke

          Morgan, you seem like a concerted little twat. Maybe you shouls shut the fuck up….

        • You know what Morgan , fuck you !

        • "BAMBER"

          Oh shut your pie hole Morgan!!If you are so mature why the hell are you committing on a site for Shain when you don’t even watch the show!!? And analyzing what people argue about on here.For being 17 you aren’t as mature as you think!! And you have way to much time on your hands.I mean c’mon you didn’t even watch the show….you have no fuckin idea who we are talking about and what kind of person he was!

        • Lisa

          I agree w/Morgan

  10. Steve

    You guys are all fucking retarded.. Most of you probably don’t know who the new pope is but sure as fuck know when a tv show star dies… Moron Americant fucks.

    • shelley mcneely

      and your just a heartless asshole!!!!!!

      • Katey

        I 2nd that! Just because we have a new pope doesn’t mean any of us can mourn a death, and Amercican idiots?? What fucked up country are you from, crawl in a hole and die retard! N

        • Pat

          Yeah fuck you Steve… dick head fuckin troll

        • brandon

          your right steve, he was just another spoiled redneck fake ass tv star. who cares. if some one u dont know is found on the side of the road your not all crying about that. so what the guy dies. how many people die everyday? a shit ton, cry about them not some drunk ass redneck kid that just spends all his time out fucking and drinking all day.

          • Elizabeth

            Before you sit there and put your opinion up you should think you are talking about the death of someone’s child or friend or family member the negative talk is unnecessary nobody is perfect and by the comment you left I can tell your not to. So with that said think before you judge or comment.

          • Silvia

            Shut the fuck up you have no heart and no respects. How would you feel if your friend died and people talked a bunch of crap. Have some respect and leave the negativity because its not necessary.

          • Gj

            That’s why you don’t drink and drive…

          • "BAMBER"

            At least someone knows when he dies.Unlike you who the fuck would care with your attitude.If that’s how you want people to look at you if you were gone as a fuckin’ redneck fine but there are many people who think otherwise about Shane!!!At least he knew how to have fun,I would hate to see your idea of fun.lame ass!

          • Sammi

            hmmm.. Brandon.. I sense some jealousy because you cant fuck and drink all day!.. being from WV myself, mudding, fucking, and drinking is the thing to do around here.. so seriously, dont get on here throwing out shit about him being a spoiled fake ass redneck because in these parts, shit like that will get you killed.. his death means a lot to us because he was one of us so take that bullshit elsewhere!

          • chad

            what a joke you are, we are so sorry that your jealous cause you didnt have the fun filled care free life he did and that he was getting attention and your cry baby azz wasnt. it will be alright baby azz someone somwhere must love you, lmfao

    • Wendy Smotherman

      Most of us DO know who the Pope is! You show nothing but complete ignorance!!

    • chelsea

      wow really…most people dont care about the pope unless their catholic so Steve…stfu

    • brandon

      u callin me a dam americant fuck dam old go fuck ur dam self u dam ass im a badass motherfucker i get in a fight with a bear boy u better jump in and help that bear cause ill kick both of ur asses

      • Tonya

        *american. is spelled this way and a lesson my mom always taught me is if you don’t have nothing nice to say than don’t say it at all!!!!!!!!! especially when there is real people mourning and dealing with this unfortunate news show some respect or like i said keep your negative comments to yourself

        • tina

          I completely agree…..keep your ignorance to yourselves…some people aren’t happy unless they are starting trouble..RIP Shane

      • Diara

        Brandon u just sound really stupid because ur not making any scene at all

        • brandon

          i dont give 2 dam shits steaves a dam ass i dont give a shit who the new dam pope is

    • Choke

      Maybe noone fucking cares who the new pope is…. The richest organization on the planet got a new boss, so the fuck what. Tell me steve who is the president of The Netherlands? You can file that answer answer WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!

    • Diara

      Why are u so inconstiterent wat if he was one of ur friends or family would u be saying the same thing ur saying now so looks like ur the retared now Dummy!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fuck you piece of shit , who cares who the pope is , most of them Catholic MFs rape kids and by the way , what the fuck does that have to do with what has happened to a young kid ?

    • theresa michaud

      everyone isnt catholic so not everyone cares.

    • I met shain last may 2012 my mom sold my dads truck to shains friend I met him before I knew he was a star on buck wild wish I would have known that him and his friend was in my drive way almost 2 hours trying to get it started this guy was a great soul and one cool cat love ya bro r I p gandee candy shain

  11. Meghan

    This is one of the worst days ever! My prayers go to his family! :( Shane was the funniest and nicest guy! I haven’t even met him but he feels like family to me. :( Buckwild won’t be the same.. You will be missed!

  12. marria

    We will miss you… RIP shain..;(;(

    • Crystal

      I just wanna say that I loved the show I love all of them they were all great….I am gonna miss the show if they stop airing it I think that he would want the show to go on and his friends to be happy and still do the things he loved to do…..he always made ppl laugh and was a good friend to all of the members of the show….my thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family, friends, and his fans…he will never be forgotten and forever will be loved….for everyone on here posting stuff that is so hurtful how bout you stop and think about his family friends and loved ones that are in pain from losing someone they loved….the golden rule do unto others as you would want done to you this world is full of so much pain why cause more….

  13. kiddink420

    R.I.P shaine gandee you will be missed. Your in perfect hands now. To the whole buckwild crew keep your heads up, he’s safe now all my love goes out to family and friends of his<3

  14. Kayla

    R.I.P Shane, ur gonna be missed </3

  15. Jennifer

    R.I.P Shain, you will be greatly missed…My thoughts & prayers are with the Gandee family & Shain’s friends : (

  16. ashley

    He always had me cracking up. Gonna miss his face on tv. Prayers to all friends and family!

  17. Shain Gandee was a good old country boy who loved to have fun and party with friends by what I’ve seen on the show buck wild the show is awesome and had good laughes watching the show will never be the same without Shain and those who he was dear friends with him. He was a good person to relate to the audience and he could really be friends with anyone he meet. Rest in peace Shain Gandee

  18. It is real and foul play was NOT a part of his death but we won’t know till the optopsy results come back however u spell it lol anyways he will be missed dearly by everyone and the show will never be the same he made that show!!!

  19. Monica

    sorry to inform you all it’s not a joke…all over our local news, they’ve showed his ford bronco covered in mud and everything :( such a tragedy…there are going to be autopsies done but they are speculating carbon monoxide poisoning due to them being stuck in the mud and the exhaust pipe being submerged

    • Why didn’t they just roll the windows down and climb out??

      • Amy

        Colbye because they were drunk :-( I think he is getting way to much attention for something that could have been prevented…….jus saying :-( why not give our troops that pass away daily some attention at least they deserve it.!!!!! what about SGT Michael Cable some attention he passed away the very next day after Shain…….what bout him.!!!!!

    • anthony

      the back window was gone out of the bronco so how could it be co2 and they sould still make the show in memory of shain

    • suzanne

      Thats why I never go wheeling alone with only one vehicle. my thoughts go out to their families. RIP

  20. RIP Shaine Gandee! You made the show! I loved watching it! I don’t think that this show will ever be the same. My heart goes out to all you who are mourning. Especially to your family! </3 Keep your heads up cast of Buckwild. Just know hes in a better place and hes not in pain anymore. I'm sorry to hear about this.

    • Brittany L

      Amen to that! i feel bad for his family and friends.. i hate to hear that that had to happen to a wonderful person like shain. i keeping yall in my prayers because i care.

  21. Kevin Seiner

    My deepest condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy. As much as all of the viewers would like to say they love him, none of us will understand the pain his true family and friends are going through. Rest in peace, Shain.

  22. Teagan Walls

    Shain will be missed dearly! & its sad how bad things happen to great amazing people!/:
    R.I.P We love you!

  23. Shain put the wild in Buckwild and he will be truly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and everyone else on the Buckwild cast <3

  24. Shain you will be missed, you were the life of buckwild.
    R.I.P shain and uncle.

  25. wonder

    This is the worst news ever.. Buckwild&Sissonville will NEVER be the samee.

  26. emily

    i no he was the best one on the show :’(

  27. I’m gonna miss shain he made buckwild a great show and it just wont be the same without him

  28. roger hill

    sorry for your loss

  29. babykanible

    we will always love and miss him

  30. So sad, my thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends of his

  31. Kyle Hitchcock

    I really hope this isent just bother retarded joke if not I will miss him

  32. Kayyy

    Awwwe, a celebrity none of you knew died, and you’re going to cry and be upset, when you don’t even have that right.

    • Jeremy

      Kayy. People can do whatever the hell the want. You have no rightto se tell people what the can and can’t do. Who are you GOD no so shut the fuck up.

      • Nigg3r

        And you’re not God either Jeremy so you can’t tell him to shut the fuck up. You’re dumb as fuck. I agree with Kayyy.

      • Katey

        I think you are the most narrow minded fuck on here…. We can’t mourn someone we watched and loved.. Really you fucking asshole. From now on don’t tell ppl who they can care/love/mourn over cause you don’t run the world you fucktard… Lick a fuckin ass you asshole!!!!!!

  33. tammy

    you are now most certainly a free spirit…fly high will be missed..prayers for the families….

  34. KRISSY

    I’m so sad Shain was my favorite he was so sweet,caring, and fun loving he will be missed you’re in a better place where you can go muddin’ in peace RIP

  35. He was a all around great guy! I loved watching him on Buckwild it wont be the same without him. But all y’all should continue Buckwild I think shain would want that and I know his fans would to. I’m so sorry for his friends and family I will be praying for u all god bless and love u gandee candy! </3

  36. Rip to Shain, his uncle and friend. Sad to hear. loved the show because of Shain. He was hilarious. Greatly missed.

  37. chuck dennison

    RIP My West Virginia Brother.You will be sadly missed.

  38. cori Robison

    Prayers to Shanes family and friends from CHICKAMUGA GA! U will be missed but heaven but a beautiful angle!

  39. kaylee

    He was one of the guys on buckwild that made the show funny and awesome now on the show it won’t be as funny cause he’s not on there anymore praying for family and friends



    • I don’t think I will ever watch the show made that show with all the funny crap that came out of your mouth you just said the things you feel you where the most freedom person I have ever seen..and the biggest country boy I have ever seen.I no you had all the ppl in heaven.rolling in the clouds today because the sun shined here today.I no thy will love you there just like we loved you prayers go out to all your family and will be missed alot mud boy Connie adams from Portland TN

  41. I liked buckwild a lot more then Jersey shore, that’s for sure! But I had to meet shain on my bucklist, I guess I get to meet him in heaven:)

  42. rae ann

    I cant believe it … i am so upset right now it not even funny …. i am wearing camo to school tomorrow to represent him :(

  43. I have never cared hardly at all when a celebrity dies, but this one really has me upset. Shane was one person on tv that I would actually like to meet and would enjoy hanging out with. Its so true when they say the best people are always the first ones to go. I disagree about the show I would like to see another season and would like to hear from the cast to see what they have to say. R.I.P. you were a great guy. btw I never really liked jello much either man :)

  44. drew

    If its not a joke then they all three died of a overdose or were murdered!!! The report says the muffler and exhaust were submerged in the mud which would of killed the engine, so an engine needs oxygen to run. If it wasnt running that means no carbon monoxide!!!

    • Skruffy

      Correct…I’ve been Mudding a lot, and actually when I got my bronco completely submerged to the doors, I came to a stop and my motor stalled, but because water and mud blocked my exhaust. I work on cars, a motor can’t run without air going into the intake, or if exhaust can’t leave the motor, it will stall itself out….:-/

    • I’m sorry to say this drew but I think you’re wrong, I can go out and stuff a rag up the tailpipe on my truck as its running and it wont stall out.

  45. emilie

    nothing will be the same i hope he is no dead lord plz tell us that he is still alive or not responding plz lord :(

  46. Brittany

    He was my favorite on the ago Buckwild will never be the same </3 ….. Thoughts go out to his family and friend Rest In Peace Shain Gandee

  47. brandon

    Shain rest in peace dam u made that whole show funny a lot of people will miss ya u were the best and most funny person on that show

  48. kelly

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Shaun his uncle and there friends families and friends my heart breaks for you all noone should have to loss a child it’s so sad how many people day way to young I truly believe the good dye young it will be hard to watch buckwild now he was so funny r.I.p. Shain , David. And Robert fly high

  49. Cora

    You will be missed Shain & as for his family I am soo sorry yur in my prays. Dont think I can ever watch buckwild again.. :’(

  50. Whoever said that they should continue Buckwild without him just doesn’t understand. Shain WAS BUCKWILD !! The show would be dull and boring without him. NOBODY could take his place, there will NEVER be another Shain Gandee..They ought to show what they have of season 2 in a memorial show, Release it on Dvd (and give the families the proceeds) and disband the cast cuz nothing’s ever going to be the same with him gone.

  51. melony frazier

    R.I.P Shain you will always be missed and never forgotten♥

  52. Margaret

    I hope this is not true.i love that show.i like all of them but Spain he did make the show good and funny love to here him talk

  53. tiff.elizabeth

    Awww Gandee candy r.i.p. prayers to he family n friends of this wonderful handsome country man.

  54. Shain, you were the Best!! Did not know you, but couldn’t wait to watch you every week on MTV’s Buckwild! We feel like we got to know all of you by watching you guys every week, made our weeks go by faster.. Thx for the Laughs, Memories Buddy… Rest In Peace up in Heaven, with my Son, I know you two will be good buddies… Gone but not ever forgotten… Gone way, way too soon… Kimmy

  55. R.I.P

  56. "BAMBER"

    Love that show cause it reminds me of how we are here in Georgia!!!!Great show watched everyone and was waiting on the next season,just a shame this tragedy had to happen.RIP Shane!!!”The Shane Test” will be missed!!!Heard on MTV that they were found shot in their vehicle.Buckwild Shane will be missed.

    • No the bronco got stuck with the exhaust under the mud and the carbon monoxide backed up into the truck and killed them.

      • "BAMBER"

        Yeah wasn’t sure story.You know when news gets out how it is.

  57. terra

    Rip shain you wil be misssed my prayers are with shains famil……

  58. Morgan

    Is he dead? ;( or is it a joke??

  59. kenzer

    R.I.P Shain u will be missed

  60. barbara

    agreed. shain was my favorite.
    buckwild will never be the same,

  61. Amy

    Shain Gandee You was my fav guy on the show :( RIP Shain ” Gandee Candy”

  62. heather

    shain was an amazing person . im going to miss him . my heart is saddend by the news :( ( but he is alive in our hearts he never left just think hes here with everyone every step of the way .

  63. Corrie


  64. Jeni Hammer

    My husband and I were In shock to hear that Shain was truly dead. We both loved watching the show and enjoyed laughing together when Shain would say or do something funny. We live in West Virginia and are around the same age as the cast. So we know how much fun it is to go mudding or tubing down the river. Our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. My heart is now broken and I never met the boy. My god bless your family at their time in need and we will see you again in heaven. Jeni from Franklin, Wv

    • Rachel

      “You know why they call me Gandee Candy? Cause its trick or treat all year round” Buckwild will never be the same. Shain was my favorite guy on the show. You will be missed greatly. I’m making t-shirts that have the buckwild logo on the front and a picture of Shain and under it rest in peace Shain Gandee “Gandee Candy”

  65. Brad Evans

    So sad fly highly fella rip Shain gandee

  66. RIP Gandee Candy….u will be missed. U r gone but u will never be forgotten!!!

  67. Gregory sharpe

    Buck wild was an amazing show and every one on the show was and is funny and made the show worth watching, shain was the most goofy and active and always doin something crazy and wild and always coming up with ways to improve activity and ways to not be bord! Prayers and thought go out to the rest of the cast and family, I think we should find a way too put ALL the sayings shain would say and come up with on t-shirts and bumper stickers and window decals, I think not would awesome and a way to encourage safe mudding and awareness so nothing like this happens again, RIP SHAIN GANDY.

  68. Shain you will ALWAYS be considered REDNECK ROYALTY I dont think anybody on here will ever forget you rolling down the hill in that tractor tire with a belly-full of hot wings. How you DIDN’T puke is beyond me but you held em down. RIP wild man till I see you on the other side

  69. He’s up there mudding on them back roads of heaven♡

  70. Connie Mashburn

    This is oh so sad, my heart goes out to Shain, Robert, and David, and all of the’re family and friends.. shain was a sweet, caring, loving, and funny person, and im sure his uncle, and his friend were just the same, they will be missed dearly, R.I.P. with the good lord y’all, we’ll see y’all again someday up in heaven. but until then always look down on those who love you all and those y’all loved.
    signed: Connie Mashburn

  71. ali

    Rip this has really gotten to me.. and I didn’t even know him personally nor met him. but heaven wanted some of that gandee candy! R.i.p at least you passed doing what you love!
    Thoughts and prayers go out to your loved ones.

  72. Kimberly

    Im definitely gonnamiss gandee candy!!!! my thoughts and prayers r with his family!!!

  73. From one of ur fans in Clarksburg WV. God only takes the ones he wants and it was ur time a time to soon but it was ur calling. Now u can show them all in heaven how to go mudding WV style and have one heck of a GANDEE CANDY party. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Gandee family and friends and to all the fans of BUCK WILD. Ur smile and laughter will be missed by all…..

    David Hogsten

    • Sammi

      You said it perfectly! Just a little ol gal from Wyoming County, WV and in this state, a death means a lot to us! No, most of us didn’t know him personally but it meant a lot to us to have that show aired and have them show the world how we have fun and not all of us are toothless retards that screw our brothers and sisters… Gandee was surely the back bone of BUCK WILD and seeing it air again, will not be the same. RIP Shain

  74. William Bailey

    To all you fuckers talking shit about a kids death , regardless of the circumstance , you should be ashamed . If you want to talk shit come see me and I will be happy to show you respect ! Fuck you Patsys ………..

  75. I know it’s not a joke so we miss you gandy candy witch is for Shane rip This is sad and I don’t think they should go on with buck wild and if they. Do I won’t watch it cause he was the most bravest one out of all them and he was the coolestand Iam gonna pray for his family and loved ones miss you shane

  76. I feel so bad for all family’s involved in this tragedy. I didn’t know Shain personally but I really do feel as if I lost a friend.
    To his family and close friends I am so sorry for y’alls loss. Find comfort in knowing he’s now an angle of God, and watching down keeping y’all safe.
    And please know I’m keeping y’all in my thoughts and prayers in y’alls time of grievance/need.
    Dear Lord, please watch over all those hurt from this horrific tragedy. In God’s name I pray. Amen

  77. james

    shane was the best thing that happend to buck wild shane gandy aka gandy candy aka gandy cane he was the real buckwild and do you want to know why they call him gandy cane because its trick or treat all year round RIP SHAIN we all miss you

  78. Love. To watch the show ..BUT IT WILL NEVER B THE SAME..

  79. I cry thinking of how so many are hurting over this tragedy I’m so sorry….

  80. I am going to miss him so much! He was always the best part of buckwild!! R.I.P Shain gandee we all love you!

  81. Your going to be miss so much u was the best on buckwild and u made everyone day your funny and out going miss u a lot

  82. jessica houp

    I know this may a little personal but it has been constantly running throw my head since ive heard this news, everyone of shains fan was involved in his life by the buckwild show, and some of us never missed a show and i was wondering if they was goin to have like a live feed for his funeral for the ones who live like in another state and wouldnt be able to make it.

  83. Sherry

    We will all miss u a lot Shain the family and friends r in my thoughts and prayers

    RIP Shain Gandee Candy

  84. "BAMBER"

    Oh shut your pie hole Morgan!!If you are so mature why the hell are you committing on a site for Shain when you don’t even watch the show!!? And analyzing what people argue about on here.For being 17 you aren’t as mature as you think!! And you have way to much time on your hands.I mean c’mon you didn’t even watch the show….you have no fuckin idea who we are talking about and what kind of person he was.

  85. Shain Gandee made the show buckwild he is what made the show so entertaining Buckwild that show will never be the same RIP Shain Gandee, Gandee Candy

  86. Maria

    This is s sad, I feel horrible for his family and friends, he will be in my prays, we will miss you dearly.

  87. stacey

    Sorry for the loss of such a young man who seemed so full of life. Not sure i could watch the show again. My thoughts and prauers are with his family and friends. I am sure he will be missed terribly.

  88. R.I.P shain u will be mist gone but never forgotten this is hard on everyone but your memorie will live on threw us all my thoughts n prayers got out to the other familys who lost there loved ones in cluding shains family :-(

    • It’s kinda sad to hear that “Gandee candy” lost his life at a young I really wanted to see if him and cara would work out! I don’t think I will be able to watch buck wild anymore it’s so sad to see someone so young pass away

  89. Deb

    It,s so sad that all you haters out there. Who cares if he was on TV or not a life was loss @ a young age and Parents have to bury there child which a parent should never have to do. He was liked by so many people and those who did not know him your watch Buckwild then you need to keep your comments to yourself .

    Shain,s family my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I will be watching Buckwild again .

  90. wanda


  91. Kimmi Ames

    Rip Shain…..Our thoughts & prayers go out to your Family, Friends & Fans! U were an absolutely awesome person!

  92. Amanda

    Shain seemed like an awesome kid! It is true when they say only the good die young! A horrible tragedy! RIP!

  93. c

    good way to hear it. we got people fighting for us everyday and we dont say anything about them and dont hear about them dieing on the news and this guy is over the new and fb.. come on there people dieing everyday yeah it said but enough of it..

  94. Dan

    This is the best show on mtv really makes me laugh,Rip dude this is so sad,the show won’t be the same :(

  95. Brittany

    It’s really sad I cried all day yesterday I wore camo all day yesterday and all day today it will never be the same if they do buckwile ill miss hearing you no why they call me Shain gandee cause its trick or treat all year round(: but I think they should still do buckwild for Shain I’m sure he would want them to keep going for him your the sweetest country boy on tv you’ll be in my prayers hope there’s a lot of beer in heaven for ya were going to miss you so much Shain gandee you’ll be missed <3

  96. Shyne

    I can not believe some of these heart less comments. I lost my son a year and a half ago he was 35.. we was so very close. It does not matter who he was or who any of you “thought” he was or even what he did. This young man had a Mom and Dad family and friends that love him and they are suffering his loss as well as the loss of his uncle and friend. Until you loose a child you do not know how much it hurts. Do we have to be like this? What a lost fallen world full of hate we live in……. I would give my life for my children any parent would. No matter who they are to the world they are always our children. Can we just be a little kinder for the family’s sake? or are we just that heartless?

  97. codi

    My heart goes out to families of these three men.i can’t even image what their going threw.prayer sent your way.

  98. The tape is very hard to listen to especially at the end, Makes you wanna cry. What a sad way to end 3 lives. I can only imagine what their families are going through.

  99. I think that its awesome that the production companies are paying for Shain’s funeral, they made alot of money off him and his antics, and they could probably write this off on their taxes. I wonder if he’s going to be buried in the family cemetery up on the hill ? I think what would look nice as a stone for Shain would be a big mud tire made out of black granite with his name and picture on it. I know it won’t bring him back but it would be nice for his stone top represent something he loved and died doing. RIP Shain the world’s gonna be worse without you.

  100. Erica Wogan

    I had told my husband I wanted to go meet Shain soon he always put a smile on our face made us crack up laughing! He will truly be missed!RIP GANDEE CANDY!!!!

  101. alisha

    So sad to hear. You are my favorite cast member from buckwild. Rip shain!!!

  102. georgia seabolt

    we thought he made buckwild he was alsome on there

  103. chelsey

    I just hope they dont try to replace him with a new person on tge show.

    • They wont ever be able to find anybody like Shain, they might find a kid who looks like him, but never anybody who thinks like him and has the heart, spirit & presence he had. Not to mention I dont think the other cast members would react well to a replacement, I think they’d rather quit. I think his best friend Joey would be the most resistant, in fact he might just tear into him for trying to be Shain. They might as well show what they’ve got taped of season 2 in a memorial show ad then cancel the show. Shain & Buckwild are dead & we’re all going to have to accept it & go on :(

  104. Bruce enos

    I am a good fan I loved the tv show

  105. Hey all I would watch the old one just to remember Shain I well watch the new one if they don’t cancel it

  106. allison

    i loved watching the show with shain in it it just made the show more amazing to watch ill miss u bunches shain!!!! R.I.P.

    • Nicole

      I really just have to say the ignorance is over whelming, who cares who the pope is? Or whether he was on a TV Show, or a redneck or a drinker???? And so on and so on!!!! The facts are a young man and 2 others have passed on, and people should be respecting the mourning of his friends and family, not posting stupid ass shit for them to see!! Our troops get plenty of recognition on a daily basis, and will continue to do so everyday! Ignorance is bliss people, I am a 37 yr old mother of 3 beautiful babies, and I watched the show every week, it was a great show, and Shain was hysterical, this is not about him being a tv star, so grow up! To the Gandee family and friends, we are truly sorry for your loss, Shain will be missed by many and hope you find some solice in knowing he was admired by many, for his true beauty of just being Shain! Xoxo RIP Shain Gandee

  107. I will always REMEMBER the funny loving and caring shain gandee he was my star and my favorite person on buckwild I wish u were still here with us today I’m loving memory of SHAIN GANDEE he will never be forgotten R.I.P

  108. Shain will always be loved and missed but NEVER be forgotten in any kind of way :( i love and miss you tons shain you was the best guy ever in your own personality :) my heart will always be broken into 2 and now that your gone BUCKWILD will never be the same again without you here :( RIP SHAIN GANDEE ITS TRICK OR TREAT ALL YEAR AROUND!!!!! IT JUST GOT A LITTLE BIT MORE COUNTRY IN HEAVEN LOL :)

  109. wow this was very hard to read even tho i did not know you Shain in a way i guess we did thru buckwild my neice’s had got me to watch it one night and i got addicted because i just fell in love with Shain and his personality so full of life gave off such an energetic vibe he will be missed but never forgotten and to the Gandee family i am so sorry for your double loss i thought that kind of thing barely ever happen’s nothing i can say will ever confort you but im praying that god give’s you the confort you need Shain and his family you all remind me of home im from grundy va. poplar creek is where i mostly grew up well Shain i know you are up there in heaven making god and jesus smile and all the angel’s bye for now but not forever…your fan paula

  110. Gabby

    R.I.P Shain you will always be missed, you were the best and i love Buckwild its not gonna be the same without him hear ill keep you in my thoughts and prayers!<3

  111. rachel

    Rest in peace shain we are all buckwild from the mountain state

  112. Jessica Dunn

    He was a awesome person on the show… I’m really sad it’s not gonna continue another season but I understand completely why.. Shain will be missed by aot of people. R.I.P Spain Gandee ):

  113. Raylyn

    May you rest in peace bud!!! Sorry for you whole family lost I know what it is like to loss someone so close. I lost my brother almost 3 years back! So be partying up with him up there! You two rednecks!!(:

  114. skyllar

    prays go out to u and ur family:( rest in peace hunni

  115. Amy Boggess

    Shain it was pleasure to have met you and your family! We will
    Miss you sweet smiling face and warm
    Personality! You
    Lived life to the fullest and never met a stranger and always brought people up when thy were feeling down and were always there when people needed you no matter what! God received a very special and beautiful angel! You died doing what you loved in a place you didn’t ever wanna
    Leave and called your home! You
    Will never leave that holler Shain, your spirit will roam there forever as your body lays to rest there! From our family to yours, we love you!

  116. Jonathan

    It just sucks its taken me this long to even right it can’t believe it I’m from Alabama didn’t even now him but from the show but he was my boy just so sad

  117. Christy

    You know what upsets me? Is that some people think because he was a t.v. star “redneck” that liked to drink, that he deserves less respect than anyone else?.the way I see it is we have no right to say the loss of one human life is any less important than another! Whether he was a soldier or a “redneck” it is still tragic that he lost his life at such a young age. Maybe I am biased BC I did watch the show and I did adore shain but you don’t have to watch the show or further more even agree with how he or any of the others chose to live, but before you get on here saying he is not worthy of all this attention or grief, ask yourself a question-”am I GOD?”……the answer is NO!, the way I see it is its tragic that he was so young and had His life ended so sudden. RIP Shain and continued prayers for the family and friends!

  118. Nicki

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t roll down a window turn off the engine if the back window was broken then how did they die of poisoning doesn’t make sense shaine seemed a lot smarter than that when it came to muddying and fixing cars it just doesn’t make sense they would die from that there has to be more to the story like I said why not role a window down or kick it out just doesn’t add up. But regardless rip shaine you did seem like a beautiful hearted person

  119. Cark kaplan

    Shain U will be miss buy all your fan especially me i loved watching buck-wild R.I.P. Shain


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